A Change In Our Social Life!

Blureen is a structurally and conceptually new platform that integrates e-commerce along with re-defined social networking concepts.

Social media recommendations influence almost a quarter of online shoppers, and 42% find recommendations from friends and family which is twice the number who cite advertisements as influential when determining where to shop.

Blureen will be a bridge that connects social media to e-commerce by focusing on gift-purchasing and shopping for all types of fashion since the majority of people find it difficult to both when shopping online and when shopping in the store.

Design concepts of this platform are based on research derived from the market analysis as well as shopper’s behavior and different psychological facts.

We will be making shopping easy from the decision stage, making it easier to choose your purchases along with the delivery address, guaranteeing a user’s privacy and security to make the whole process enjoyable. 

The purpose is to develop a centralized platform using artificial intelligence to organize and improve users’ virtual life and enhancement of self-awareness by discovering personality traits and going beyond just wasting time and being only a follower. It also provides them the opportunity to earn money based on a system that calculates measured social activities and spending on this platform.

  • Mission: The Last Big Thing!
  • Date: 03-01-2020
  • Website:
  • Services: E-Commerce, Social Platform, Gifting, Fashion