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ILSO Net – An Innovative Company


We are an innovative company making digital stuff.

We Are Hiring.

We hire talented minds to work with us.

Who We Are

We are a Dallas-based invention agency focused on enterprise mobile and web applications; a place where big ideas act as game changers. Our businesses operate at the intersection of Social networking and e-commerce, and our competitive advantage lies in their unique combination.

We are on a mission to improve our users’ apps .

Improvement & Ditruption.

We will improve and disrupt markets. We believe that all technologies and innovations in the current era need to be better for the human. We focus on some of these technologies.

  • A Significant Partner For Largest Department Stores In The World
  • The Most Admired Social Platform
  • The Largest Network Of Fashion Service Providers In The World
  • The Most Respected and Efficient Advertising Method
  • Number One Platform Recommended By Sociologists & Psychologists
  • The Only Beneficial and Safe Network For Kids
  • A Platform for everyone in every place with every condition

Spirit of adventure


Market Research

Develop Plan


Capital Raise


What We Do.

It is all about Idea. We ideas Ideas.

It is not about every Idea, It is about Ideas with the potential power to disrupt the market, to make something Simpler, Powerful, and Advantageous. It happens by Brainstorming in our Dallas Office. When We have that Bright Idea, we will criticize that, compare that to its competitors, analyze its market.

  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Reasearch
  • Consulting
  • Brand Planning
  • Idea Support
  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Social
  • Human resource
  • E-Commerce